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Sammamish Emergency Preparedness Guide available online!

The City of Sammamish is taking steps to prepare for an emergency and wants you to take the steps to prepare your family. In our area, it is important to prepare for up to two weeks of self-reliance. During the month of September, the City of Sammamish will post various tasks on Facebook and Twitter for you to accomplish in order to help you get 2 Weeks Ready.

The Sammamish Emergency Preparedness Guide will help you to better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters that face our Sammamish. The city’s goal is to provide tips that assist you to be self-sufficient after a disaster. In addition to this Guide, the city recommends that you increase your awareness of emergency situations and the skills you need to prepare your family, neighbors and your community.

The guide is being printed and will be available for free at the Sammamish Citizen Corps Emergency Preparedness Fair on Sept 30th.