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Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

Staying Safe in the Summer Heat We are right in the middle of summer in the Pacific Northwest, and in comparison to past years it has been pretty mild. However, since this looks to be one of the hottest weeks we have had so far in 2016, it is important to remember to be safe in the sun and heat, …

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Cascadia Rising

Cascadia Rising On Tuesday, June 7 much of the Pacific Northwest participated in the Cascadia Rising exercise. This exercise was designed as a simulated field response to “the Big One,” the 9.0 earthquake that will devastate the area but that we cannot predict. Sammamish Citizen Corps participated in this exercise from 9am-9pm at three different locations throughout Sammamish. We were …

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Starting Your Disaster Preparedness Plan

If you’re like me, you think sometimes about what a good idea it would be to start working on an emergency plan in the event of a disaster. However, people are busy and it can seem overwhelming to think about what would happen if an earthquake/ storm/ landslide were to occur in an area that you are in, especially if …

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Building A Household Emergency Kit

Below are some tips for creating a basic household emergency kit. For more information, you can go to For specific preparedness information in Sammamish you can visit It can seem overwhelming to start an emergency kit for your home so start with these tips and consider gathering this supplies over the course of a few weeks! Basic Household …

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